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wholegangwebMy name is Craig Pope. I live in Chesapeake, Virginia. I first became aware of the Spanish Water Dog when I lived in Spain. When I first started my research on the Spanish Water Dog in 1997, there were only 2 web sites that had any information about the breed. I started attending local dogs shows and was soon introduced to Antonio Garcia Perz, the founder of the breed. To make a long story short, when I returned to the US in 2000, there were less than 20 Spanish Water Dogs in North America and I owned 4 of them: Carisoprodol buy ukTemazepam 10 kopenOso & Phentermine 37.5 mg en espaƱol.

I soon organized a small group of SWD enthusiasts and in June of 2001 established/founded the first Spanish Water Dog breed club in North America (SWDAA). The purpose of the club was to maintain the European Breed Standard and Grouping (FCI Group 8) . I drafted the first American breed standard for United Kennel Club (UKC). On January 1, 2004 the Spanish Water Dog received full recognition by the Order meridia online. I also established the first health directory for the breed with the Ativan lorazepam 1mgIn December of 2005, I resigned as President of the SWDAA. Spanish Water Dog is truly a versatile breed. For centuries they have been used as hunting dogs (waterfowl and upland game dogs) and herding dogs, as well as guard dogs.

I am now the President of the Spanish Water Dog Society. The objectives of the Spanish Water Dog Society are:

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