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The best generic xanax you can get"). One problem with any drug is side effects, including weight/fat gain, anxiety, and depression. "When my daughter died in the accident, I felt horrible, not because lost my daughter," Ms. Nasseria said. "I was really angry with myself, because I thought did everything right, but I wasn't getting the benefits that I should have been getting. thought there is something wrong with me, and if the government is just going to keep screwing up with this and trying to make it worse, I am going to go the other extreme." Since Ms. Nasseria is one of only a handful doctors in Beirut who's willing to prescribe Zyprexa, she is one of the only people in Lebanon with a personal stake in the health care system. "I feel that if we don't have these pills that make you not sleepy or forget how to fall asleep, not having these pills is the biggest thing in our lives," Ms. Nasseria said. "This is our biggest hope. When you have nothing to lose, everything is so much easier." For the past few years, pharmacists have been prescribing these drugs like crazy. Most of the time, when a pharmacist prescribes the drug, they will send it directly to Ms. Nasseria's office. This method has some downsides, like Ms. Nasseria's having to buy her own pens and needles for the medication, but it's more convenient than having a pharmacist walk in every week with her prescription. The same goes for insurance companies: There are no paper forms for the patients to fill out or phone calls to make. Because of their expense, most prescriptions come from friends and family members who are already taking the drug, and have no reason not to take it because of how well works for the individual. "It takes a whole lot of energy to be around people who take Price of generic adderall that medication every day," said Ms. Nasseria. After all, she said, "It takes more energy to come up with excuses for why they can't use these drugs as well they would like." MEXICO CITY, Jan. 6 (UPI) -- The New York Times reported Thursday that Mexico is taking over the United States' drug enforcement. The newspaper said Mexican Federal Minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong said he was working to establish a network of Mexican and American experts to combat drug trafficking. News of the decision came just days after President Obama said the United States was making inroads with Mexico to combat drug cartels. "I feel it's important to be open with our Mexican friends, at the same time as we also remain clear that there are still major problems that going to have be dealt with," Obama said. "We're not going to forget the victims of violence that have been caused, or yet taken place that we have seen." A spokesman for Osorio Chong told the Times he is not calling for a complete overhaul. "We are not taking what is being said seriously, when what the president said was more, 'I intend to do better, and if possible, faster than my predecessors,' " Osorio told the paper. The U.S. State Department expressed dismay at the reports. "The United States is committed to working with its partners address the threats posed by drug trafficking, organized crime and other transnational crime